Wow, STOP SEARCHING and book Ricky Roo & Friends for your Virtual Birthday Party! Chris was super responsive and easy to communicate with. He even provided a call before the party, so we could talk about all the details and questions I had. When the party started, he warmed up the crowd, and the giggling never stopped. My daughter loved that she played in her own story and she was mesmerized the entire 40 minutes of the puppet show. The parents complimented me after the party, how much fun all their children had too. As I say, stop searching and book him NOW!

Steve M. / Oakland, CA

WOOOOHOOOO! Thank you so much for saving my son's birthday! I can't thank you enough, because I thought it would be a sad day. But your virtual birthday party and your silly puppet show made all the difference for him. What a great idea to include him in the story! And I loved that my husband and I also played a silly role in it. He is still talking about it and wants one next year again! And all the other parents complimented me too! You will hear from a couple of them with their kids birthdays, just wait! Again, this was so great! Thanks

Holly T. / Berkeley, CA

Absolutely wonderful! I'm a Preschool/Daycare teacher and we've been teaching for a few hours every day and we wanted to find some kind of rewarding and engaging entertainment for our little ones! We've hired Chris for an in-person party last summer and when we found out he was offering Virtual Parties it was a no brainer to book a show! We booked a 30-minute performance through Zoom and everything was well organized and professional from the very beginning. I appreciated the detailed email about what to expect and instructions on how to use Zoom. This was wonderful because I was able to forward it along to all the parents and if they had any questions they were already answered in the email Chris sent! The day prior to our party I received a check-in email to see if I had any questions and then on the day Chris was 5 minutes early and was patient with us as we waited for the last 1-2 kids to join us! The show itself was wonderful and funny. The kids from the start where giggling and smiling and having a blast! I can't wait for the shelter in place to be lifted and have Chris come and perform in person again! Thanks again Chris and Ricky Roo!

Cheri A. / San Jose, CA

Chris performed a puppet show via zoom for my son's entire preschool and it was AMAZING! I hadn't heard him belly laugh like that since the shelter in place. Thank You, Chris

Desmond M. / Berkeley, CA

Just awesome! Just amazing! Just Ricky Roo Puppets Great! That Chris and his silly puppets made my girl's birthday SUPER SPECIAL! Communication was fast and easy, then the ZOOM link was set up by him and then he even included puppets my daughter could wish for, yes, she is a big Elsa & Anna fan! And everything was topped by the fact that my daughter was a character in the show too. She almost couldn't believe it! So amazing! I would recommend the PREMIUM PACKAGE since everything is included and it is not that much more. Book his VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY PARTY and don't look anymore!

Ocean J. / Piedmont, CA

Ricky did an excellent job organizing a virtual puppet show for us on very short notice (less than a week). He was responsive via text, set up the Zoom link for us so I didn't even have to have a Zoom account, gave an entertaining and personalized show for all of the guests, and then let us hang out afterward to chat for as long as we wanted. I received many compliments on how fun the party was and my daughter loved it! And he provided a video afterward so we can cherish the memories forever! :)

Kimberly K. / San Francisco, CA

Today my son sat and was engaged the entire time during a zoom puppet show with the rest of his friends connecting on zoom. I can highly recommend Ricky Roo and Friends to help you have a unique birthday during a very unique time. If you are stuck for some way to make this time special I suggest you try this.

Sara L. / Oakland, CA

We are so happy to have Chris back this year to celebrate our daughter's birthday with his puppet friends, even if virtually! I really appreciated his quick pivot to virtual puppet shows which allows our friends & families from around the world to tune in to watch his hilarious performance, laughing together as if we were together physically. It was a great time! Although it might have been a little difficult to follow for the little cousins in Italy but the joy transmitted from the Ricky Roo & Friends even through the screen transcended language and distance, absolutely brightening up every little and big guest's day. Thank you Chris!

Pearly C. / Oakland, CA

We were so bummed we could not celebrate our sons 5th due to the #shelterinplace orders - then RickyRoo online puppet theater came along and it was amazing. Chris did an amazing job getting to know our son and the older sibling and customized his show to our child's favorite theme and superheroes. Everyone who tuned in (friends from all over the world and USA) were highly appreciative of the super show and the laughs - especially in such a time of lockdown! Thank you Ricky Roo and Chris

Duke P. / Berkeley, CA

Thank you Ricky Roo & Friends. We had a virtual puppet show for our preschool with Ricky Roo & Friends, we thought this would be a great addition to our virtual meetings since we have been homebound. I would recommend this to other daycares/preschools if you are looking to change up your zoom meetings. The kids loved the show, they were engaged the whole time (which is hard for preschoolers). The show was age-appropriate and started promptly which is important for young children. I was very happy with the show and would recommend it to others.

Lori T. / San Francisco, CA

What can I say? We needed something really fun and different from all the super hero characters or princesses for our 4 year old birthday boy. Chris with his puppet show was just the right choice for us. The superstar of the show, Ricky Roo the parrot, did the job and all the guests loved it. The show as thoughtful, educational and still super hilarious. Even we parents had a good time and laughed about the jokes.

Matt M. / Oakland, CA

We requested Ricky Roo for our son's 5th birthday in a local park. Some of the children have special needs including our own and Ricky Roo captured their hearts. He has an amazing ability to be compassionate as a preschool teacher while maintaining the audience attention. Many of the parents mentioned how amazing their children focused the entire show. That's how we knew it was a success. I hope you can share the same memorable event soon.

Sonia C. / San Francisco, CA

Chris is a phenomenal puppeteer and put on a wonderful show for my son's 5th birthday. We had about 15 kids ranging from 4 to 8 years old and everyone, including the parents, were in rapt attention throughout. My son was beaming as the puppet characters led the room in singing happy birthday to him. Chris is a natural with children and even had them surrounding him and playing with the puppets after the show. He's super professional and responsive every step of the way and truly made our birthday celebration special. I highly recommend Ricky Roo and Friends!

Suzanne Q. / Richmond, CA

We had Ricky Roo and his friends over at our daughter's birthday party and it was absolutely fantastic. All the kids from age 2 to 10 were completely taken away during the whole show, watching and interacting with it from beginning to end. Even the adults couldn't take their eyes off, while enjoying a quite hour in a stormy afternoon. Our daughter loved the personalized story with herself and some of her favorite animals in it.

Florian S. / Berkeley, CA

Ricky Roo was SUCH a hit at my preschool! The crowd was 2-5 year olds, and everyone was super engaged and entertained. I honestly could not have imagined that level of universal glee. Chris was super responsive and clear when scheduling, showed up early, and worked with the preschool teachers to ensure a smooth transition back to their regular day. Kids apparently went home to tell their parents about Ricky Roo - and kids telling their parents about their day is a straight up miracle - because I heard great feedback from the parents, too.

Ann H. / Pilgrims Enrichment & Preschool Oakland, CA

Chris came to our school and we had a great time. It is not always easy to keep a group of 36 3 year olds focused but he managed to do it. Everything was appropriate to our age group and I like the fact that he understood ours needs when we talked on the phone to book the performance. Great job and we will call him again next time we need a puppet show for our curriculum. I would highly recommend his show, and I'm sure he would be able to adapt to your needs or different age groups.

Chantal A. / ISTP - International School of the Peninsula Palo Alto, CA

I'm an elementary school teacher and have seen my share puppet shows. This was definitely something unique! I recently attended a Ricky Roo community event and was impressed with the colorful puppet stage, beautiful hand painted backgrounds, and entertaining plot. Kids from toddlers to school age were really engaged and there was a good amount of call and response between Chris (the owner) and the audience. Kids cheerfully called out to participate when prompted by Chris. It was really interactive.

Janine W. / Elementary School Berkeley, CA

Chris came into my first grade class a few months ago and performed.There was another class with us. A total of 60 kids! It was incredible. All of the kids loved it. They were engaged, laughing and participating throughout the whole show. His performance was developmentally appropriate. The kids all wanted him to come back. I would highly recommend him for any children's event and I look forward to working with him again!

Colleen B. / Redwood Heights Elementary School Oakland, CA

Chris and his puppet show performed at our German Summer Camp for more than 50 children aged 3-12. He performed in German, which was great for our purpose. You cannot tell how much laughter and excitement the children had! They were thrilled about the storyline and participated with ideas and comments. It was a great show for all children because playing with puppets is a great way to perform and fascinate them. Thank you, Chris, for your hilarious performances including a lot of love for details and a lot of interactions!

Vanessa W. / BAKS Summer Camp - Berkeley, CA

Chris is such a talented puppeteer! He understands his audience and adjusts his stories to fit its age and interests. He has a wonderful imagination and he includes the audience in the story. Our children were glued to him, mesmerized and laughed all the time. Among all of our children, 26 children from age 3 to 5, nobody was scared and all of them payed attention for 30 minutes! Amazing.

Ute D. / Bay Area Kinderstube Preschool - Albany, CA

Chris brought his Ricky Roo & friends puppet show to Google's Take Your Child to Work Day and did an excellent job! He performed in 4 different interactive puppet shows along with meet & greets with small groups of children afterwards. He is a great performer and is amazing at making children laugh! He was super great to work with from start to finish, and showed up right on time during the day of the event. I would highly recommend him for any kids event and look forward to working with him again!

Twinkle H. / Google, Inc. - Mountain View, CA

My company celebrated our end of year party in February. Like usual, we invited families to join us in this merriment and we always hire a party entertainer to entertain the young guests. I found Ricky Roo thru Google search and yelp. He responded promptly and gave me details of what i can expect in the show and what he needs. He really put his thinking and planning hat into this. Communication is always clear and prompt. On the day, he shows up a lil early to set up and get ready. That's always a welcome sight!

Lina S. / Awake Security - San Jose, CA

I don't have words that will do justice - Chris as given us an amazing memory and experience that we will cherish for a lifetime. His puppet show Ricky Roo and Friends was such a HUGE HIT at my daughter's 4th birthday party, I had guests talking about it through that day and have gotten numerous emails the days after because the event stayed with them so positively throughout the next days. I was able to give my daughter an experience that was so FUN and uplifting for her, her friends and parents as well. Chris had all kinds of puppets at the show, including a puppet of me and my daughter! It was hilarious and fun, her grandmother was watching from our upstairs deck and she was in joyful tears. I have never seen a group of kids and parents so laser focused and excited throughout the show wondering what would come next, what puppet would show up. Talk about 100% engagement! All to say, I myself have never been to a kids party that was so memorable and fun, in a time of such challenging circumstances in the world, we want to give our kids experiences that bring joy, laughter and connection. Chris brings humanity together in a way that needs to be spread around and much desired in our world today. Thank you to Chris and Mira, please reach out to him for parties, events, and you know, I don't even feel it should be just for kids, literally every adult in my home enjoyed tremendously! THANK YOU from the deepest place in our hearts. Contact him NOW! Or contact me for more information and photos!

Robyn A. / Oakland, CA

Having Chris and his puppet show for my daughter's second birthday was the greatest idea and investment . Chris is a true artist and made our daughter's birthday very special for us and our guests.The kids and grownups really enjoyed the show. I cannot recommend the Ricky Roo & Friends puppet show enough!

Saba M. / Walnut Creek, CA

He put together amazing show. Kids and adults both had great time watching the show. The content of the story was really well done. Kids really got lot of time to engage with him and understand the concept of puppets. He is very patient with kids and ensures he answers each and every questions.

Puja S. / Pleasanton

Ricky Roo made our Daughter's 5th Birthday a day she will talk about for years! The children were captivated by the show and the adults had time to relax.

Ray K. / San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much Chris for an amazing show! Kids loved it so much! Everyone was entertained for the whole time of the show! It was really funny, the kids were laughing a lot! Ricky Roo & Friends Puppet Show Made our birthday very special! We will definitely invite Chris for our future events. I highly recommend the show for all kids parties! It's such a great alternative to jumpers or other common activities. Just make sure to book in advance because Chris is getting booked very quick!

Ann S. / San Francisco, CA

The kids were riveted for the entire hour+ performance. And a performance it was. Through his gifts in voice imitation and clever storytelling he creates a continuous string of funny vignettes that had the kids rolling with laughter the whole time.

Wolfram A. / Berkeley, CA

Dear Chris, Thank you for being a part of our daughter's 5th birthday. The entire afternoon was a memorable experience for our family and your performance was a big highlight. You were great with the kids and your experience as a teacher was very apparent. The performance had a "wow factor" and our guests, both young and fully grown, were impressed. You are such a pro... on time for the event, able to set up with little direction (sorry, my fault), and quick to respond to the questions we had throughout the process. Much appreciation!

Happy D. / Oakland, CA

Ricky Roo and Friends was an amazing addition to our summer camp's end-of-summer celebration! Chris created a show that was able to appeal to kids from a variety of ages: 5-10. It was incredible how captivated the kids were for a whole hour. Chris does a great job of making it interactive and enjoyable for all who are watching.

Madelyn W. - LifeMoves Summer Camp - Menlo Park, CA

We had Ricky Roo and Friends do a puppet show at our son's 3rd birthday party. Chris is professional, timely, and well organized. The show was a blast for the children, and we especially appreciated Chris' thoughtful approach to making sure the little ones were not afraid of the puppets and adjusting his story line to accommodate their responses. The story was great, including many special personalized touches for the birthday kid (his name on the theater sign, his name as the main character of the story, a gift from Ricky Roo, etc)

Rebecca L. / Oakland, CA

The Ricky Roo puppet show was such a special treat for my son's 3 year old birthday! The focused experience of watching a show was a sweet way to bring the kids together between bouts of wild playing in the park, and they stayed engaged through the whole performance. I would definitely recommend!

Juniper H. / Berkeley, CA

Chris performed at our kids' birthday party and it was amazing! He made the experience very special for us by personalizing the show with our kids' names, the children loved it! All kids were enraptured by the show! Chris is very talented, he was also excellent with the kids and let them play with the puppets before and after the show which was great fun for them. Kids and parents told about the show days after the party! + Chris was very easy to work with and available to answer all our questions!

Estelle B. / Oakland, CA

I love Ricky Roo! I watched Ricky Roo puppet shows at a birthday party and at a community event and both times children ages 1 to 7 were fully engaged in the show. Kids were laughing, paying attention, and participating in the show. Chris, the owner, is warm, funny, wholesome, and talented with children. He is able to engage children and knows how to tell a story. At the birthday party, the birthday girl was incorporated into the story- she was beaming. He told exciting and creative stories and they had themes that are great for children. Puppets showed cooperation, respect, and determination and had fun along the way. The puppets were never scary. Plus Chris is organized, reliable, and responsive as a small business owner. Highly recommended for a birthday party or group event - yay for puppets.

Lara R. / Berkeley, CA

We loved Ricky Roo! We hired Chris to perform a puppet show at our daughter's 1st birthday. There were 15 kids ages 1-6 years old inside on a rainy day so I was a bit nervous we would be able to keep them entertained. Our little party revelers were all very content and engaged by both his interactive presentation and the puppet show itself. I also loved that he personalized it to our daughter, Charlotte.

Bree S. / Novato, CA

Ricky Roo performed at our son's birthday party recently, and it was such a pleasure. The kids were about 3-7 yrs old, and all loved it. The show itself is fun and interactive, the kids play with puppets, and he personalized it with my son's name and even one of our stuffed animals made a guest appearance. Highly recommend this for your kid's party -- it was so much more fun than the usual bouncy house. :-) Note: We bid on the show at a charity auction in the East Bay, Ricky Roo had donated his service to a good cause, which in my eyes makes him not just a great entertainer, but also a stand-up member of our local community. Bravo!

Nate C. / San Francisco, CA

Chris, the mastermind and puppet master, was pleasant and professional from beginning til end. Communication beforehand was prompt and thorough, he showed up exactly when he said he would, well ahead of anticipated show time. The puppet stage he brought and set up was a huge stage that made the whole thing look awesome. He entertained the 15 plus kids (including my 5 year old bday boy) wonderfully and with true entertainer authority. Kids enjoyed the show and the party was a huge hit! Thank you Chris.

Busy B. / Oakland, CA

Chris gave an awesome birthday party for our daughter. He arrived early, set up a very cute stage, and captured the attention of about 20 hyper toddlers perfectly. He even adapted his story to fit the Forest Friends theme of the party and starred our birthday girl - very age appropriate. He writes and performs the shows with his own daughter, which was a very sincere and sweet touch. We'd love to have him at another party (and many other parents were asking)! Thanks

Kiki M. / Oakland, CA

My daughter and her daycare companions were treated to a very enjoyable puppet show by Chris last weekend. We organized this as the central activity of a birthday party celebration, and were lucky that Chris agreed to do a show with us at short notice. He is easy-going and responsive over both email and text message, so working out the show's logistics was a breeze. He came to the venue right on time, and set up his stage without any fuss at all. Given all the moving parts and organization, we appreciated this a lot. Most of all, we were very impressed by the initiative Chris showed in wanting to tailor the show to the theme of our party (Where the Wild Things Are). He even went as far as making a new costume for Max, the central character from the book, and introducing story elements from the book into his show! Needless to say, the kids lapped up every moment of it, including the part where they get to talk to Chris and examine the puppets from up close. The parents were pleased as well, which made us very happy. Chris and his daughter make a wonderful team and we recommend them heartily.

Nasir N. / Menlo Park, CA

We hired Chris for our daughter's 2nd birthday party. He did an excellent job keeping the kids engaged and entertained. The show was adorable, and Chris is a talented puppeteer. Highly recommend! The adults loved it too!

Ashley E. / San Francisco, CA

Ricky Roo and Friends was the star of my daughter's 4th birthday party this weekend...the children were enraptured by the show, laughing out loud and cheering when prompted by each of the animated puppets that appeared on the handcrafted puppet stage. Chris's Ricky Roo show has a homey, non-commercial feel to it, made even more meaningful and connected for the children by the fact that the puppeteer's own young daughter acts as supporting puppeteer. Chris engages with children in an easy, natural way - and is incredibly friendly and easy to work with. He even incorporated my special requests (adding puppet dinosaurs to the puppet show to fit our party's theme, etc). After the show, Ricky Roo invited my daughter to come behind the stage and try out the puppets, which she particularly loved.

Jenafir H. / Berkeley, CA

Chris did a great birthday show for our 6 year old. He created a show to match the pirate theme, taught the kids about puppets, and gave them time to play with the puppets themselves. He did a great job with 11 kids ages 3-9 (not easy) and kept them entertained for over an hours, adults too! Definitely recommend!

Steve S. / Oakland, CA

This was an amazing birthday experience for my daughter's 3rd! We had 20 kids ages 3 to 8 and every single kid enjoyed! Chris was so charming and professional. I had complete trust in him. Booking was simple, he checked in with me before I did, showed up exactly on time (even though there was a rain storm this day), put on an engaging show (with an amazing set up), and was more than I had expected. Worth every penny. Thank you, Chris, for making my daughter's party a blast! Highly recommended if you need kids party entertainment.

Shilpa P. / San Francisco, CA

We hired Chris to do a puppet show for our son's first birthday. The birthday party's theme was winter ONEderland & I wanted him to incorporate this theme into his show as well. I was also very particular that it shouldn't turn into a holiday puppet show with red hats & everything. We wanted the theme to incorporate the environment aspect of the season, the trees, animals & California winter. He did a brilliant job of incorporating them all in a manner that was playful & interactive. He kept the kids engaged the entire time, allowing them to become a part of the show. He was also very responsive & enthusiastic throughout the coordination process ( prior to the birthday). He bought new puppets to incorporate the theme & sent us pictures to keep us informed. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for a fun & playful show for children.

Shireen K. / San Francisco, CA

Chris is a great puppeteer performer. He's professional artiest with strong approach to kids and how to engage them as part of his show. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat.

Nir N. / Menlo Park, CA

I'm so glad I found Ricky Roo at Yelp, thanks to all who left reviews here. My son was turning 7, he decided to have a party at home, but wanna have some special activities. Mr. Chris's professional puppet show were a hit in the party. Kids and adults were having tons of fun. Right! Puppets are not only for kids, it's definitely for BIG KIDS too. Thanks Mr. Chris! You made everything perfect! I highly recommend Mr. Chris's puppet show. He's super reliable, coming early to set up the stage and cleaning up fast too, then leaving every one with big smile!

Sarah X. / Fremont, CA

Ricky Roo is a great puppet show for kids of all ages! Chris is a fun, loving and enthusiastic entertainer - sure to keep the kiddos laughing. He came to my school's library to donate his time to the kids in K-3rd grade and they loved it - even the students who had seen him already. He tells jokes and stories and creates characters the kids really like. He uses silly voices and keeps the show moving. The students were thoroughly delighted. His generous spirit made the last week of library visits fun. He brings all of his own staging and equipment and puts together a professional show. I recommend Ricky Roo! I hope he doesn't get too busy to come back in Spring 2020!

Emily A. / Oakland, CA

Chris is amazing! If you are looking for someone who can entertain kids at birthday party, I strongly recommend Chris. He was well prepared and super professional for my daughter's birthday party. Two thumbs up! Great performance!

Suzie K. / Oakland, CA

We had a wonderful Ricky Roo show for my girl's fourth birthday. Chris is great with the kids. He introduced the puppets before the show to the kids to help the little ones not get intimidated. The puppets and the show were soo much fun, our kids and guests totallyloved it. I would totally recommend A Ricky Roo party!

Spandana A. / Dublin, CA

Chris put on a amazing puppet show for my daughter's 5th birthday! The kids, ages 2.5 - 7 years old) were engaged for the entire show. What a pleasure to have at our birthday celebration. We will definitely book him again.

Ashley C. / Altheron, CA

From when I first inquired with Chris about his availability, to and through the actual event, Chris extended flexibility, kindness, and responsiveness. He was very prepared, kept the interest of a wide age range (1-6), and had a wonderful and creative story line. No detail is lost with Chris. His stage is extraordinary. You can count on him to make your important event that much more special.

Angelina A. / Oakland, CA



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