Corporate Events

Puppet Master of Ceremony & Puppet Shows

We offer professional entertainment services such as a fresh and creative way to lead an event with a Puppet “Master of Ceremony”. We promise you that your event will stand out and it will be the talk of the town. And for family-friendly events such as “Take Your Kids To Work Day”, we perform fun Puppet Shows at family-friendly events and create an unforgettable, playful, and imaginative puppet adventure for your little and big guests.

Our 55 to 60 minutes Puppets Show Entertainment is packed with silly puppets and is fully engaging & interactive with a level of humor and candor that spans all ages. The kids and parents in attendance will roll around on the floor laughing so much with our silly stories and characters. The stage disappears, and everyone is part of the action! Have the perfect entertainment for your family-friendly event with a puppet show that entertains all ages! Ready for a great time?

NEW – FULL INCLUSION: We also offer AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETATION to perform puppet shows for deaf or hard of hearing audiences.

Many top companies were absolutely amazed by the overall entertainment & professionalism we provided for their family-friendly corporate events, such as…

A unique Puppet "Master of Ceremony"

Master of Cermemonies

Let us introduce you to the new, fresh and incredible upcoming MC star: Dr. Moodle Doodle

  • Very creative and new idea to entertain your audience of your corporate event
  • Your event will be very MEMORABLE for all the guests because of his funny looks and unique voice
  • With this MC your will draw a lot of positive attention to your event, everyone just loves puppets
  • Self designed puppet theater for your stage as the background for Dr. Moodle Doodle
  • We can write scripts and speeches, deliver good news or even bad news :-) - See, we are funny!
  • STAND OUT and try something new, so please contact us directly to ask for details about this special service

Family-Friendly Puppet Show

Corporate Event Puppet Show Stage

The showtime of the EVENT PACKAGE is 55 to 60 minutes and it includes:

  • 15 minutes warm-up session with live interaction with the puppets, including a "Silly Puppeteer Training"
  • 30 to 35 minutes of a hilarious puppet show
  • 5 to 10 minutes of after-show puppet interaction (hugging, photos, etc.)
  • Self-designed puppet theater with lots of fun puppets
  • The party guests can act out scenes with the puppets
  • A photoshoot with the star Ricky Roo as a special memory
  • Phone consultation prior to the event for quality assurance to go over details

Let's practice some laughs together

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