Create an unforgettable, playful, and imaginative puppet adventure for your little and big guests at your special event. Our 55 to 60 minutes Puppets Show Entertainment is packed with silly puppets and is fully engaging & interactive with a level of humor and candor that spans all ages. I am also offering just puppet shows for any occasion to bring a little extra to the children. The kids and parents in attendance will roll around on the floor laughing so much with our silly stories and characters. The stage disappears, and everyone is part of the action! Have the perfect entertainment for your event with a puppet show that entertains all ages! Ready for a great time at your fair or festival?

Puppet Play Booth Details

The showtime of the PARTY PACKAGE is 55 to 60 minutes and it includes:

  • 10 minutes warm-up session with live interaction with the puppets
  • 35 to 40 minutes of a hilarious puppet show
  • 10 minutes of after-show puppet interaction (hugging, petting, photos, etc.)
  • Self-made puppet theater with lots of fun puppets
  • A silly “Puppeteer Training” prior to the puppet show, where the children get a gentle introduction to the puppets (in the 10 minutes warm-up session)
  • The children can act out scenes with the puppets I bring
  • A photoshoot with the puppet star Ricky Roo as a special memory
  • Phone consultation for quality assurance to go over details

Fun Puppet Play Area Details

  • Booth, Puppet Theater & lots and lots of fun puppets
  • Professional puppeteers to entertain & play with the children
  • Meet & Great Time with the silly puppets
  • Kids & Parents can play and have fun with hand puppets
  • Imaginative Play with tons of fun, laughter & joy included
  • Lots of photos with the puppets as a memory for the families
  • A phone consultation to discuss all the details of the puppet show and answer any questions you might have


Corporate Events

Private Parties

Schools, Camps Event

Fairs, Festvals

Let’s practice some laughs together

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6 Reasons to Invite Ricky Roo & his Friends to Your Upcoming Event.



These silly and colorful puppet friends will keep your young guests and their parents fully engaged and laugh so much.



I might make my living being silly, but I am still punctual, reliable, helpful, and easy to work with—and sooooo modest. I make myself available to answer questions leading up to your event so you can feel 100% confident that your party will go off without a hitch. In addition, I am also licensed and insured to ensure everyone’s safety.



I am an expert at crafting clean, age-appropriate humor for children ages 2-99.



My puppet shows aren’t just entertaining, they’re also chock full of experiential learning! It’s true! Don’t tell your kids, but while they’re laughing at the ridiculous things Ricky Roo and his pals say and do, they’ll also be learning about the beauty of sharing, being kind and treating everyone with respect.



Every booking begins with a conversation where we discuss the unique details of your party and how my show can best accommodate them.



I used to be a preschool teacher for many years and have been working with children for over a decade. Big groups and small. Noisy and shy. I love kids. I love puppets. Let’s do this.