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Please provide all your detailed information about your upcoming special event. We will check our schedule as soon as possible and let you know if we are available. You will receive an email from us within the next 24 hours with hopefully a Booking Confirmation. All the information helps us to plan my performance properly, so everything will work out smoothly and you have the best experience.


Cancellation Policy

We have a “soft cancellation policy”, which means that if really something comes up, you just notify us as soon as possible and we reschedule the event to the next available date. If that is not possible, we are sure you will have us back another time.



Ricky Roo & Friends consist of many team members. We do not guarantee which members of our team will staff your event. Staffing assignments change constantly and are subject to change without notice.



Parking must be be provided (or costs reimbursed) by the client/parent. This has not been included in your event price.. Please keep in mind that we have equipment to carry and may be coming from another event with limited time. Nearby parking is essential to beginning and ending the performance on time and we will not be held responsible for late starts if nearby parking is unavailable.


Load In / Load Out

We plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the agreed upon music start time. Upon venue entry, the entertainer will make contact with the client to discuss efficient load in parameters as well as determine the performance area. After the performance, we will load out using the same efficient load in parameters unless a more effective load out procedure has been determined.



Rainy and/or extreme windy weather is an inconvenience to any party! We know how frustrating it can be to plan every detail of your party only to experience an extreme weather condition. We will assist in shifting your entertainers to an alternate, nearby location in the event that the party must be moved.


Performing Area

Please make sure that our performance area is on level, dry, solid ground and if on grass, please make sure not to water it 2 days prior to your event or provide an oversized tarp for the kids and band to play on. We provide a plastic straw mat for the kids to sit on. Sufficient for most outdoor surfaces, it is not sufficient for wood, tile, or linoleum floors. In this case a specialized non-slip mat is recommended and to be provided by the client. We will not perform on sand.



Our puppet or music show is an acoustic based performance. Therefore excessive ambient noise, such as the hum of a bouncy house, an outdoor location near a heavily congested area, or even a competing DJ or stereo system can hinder the sound of the performance. We focus heavily on not being too loud as this is an interactive experience for the kids. As a result, there is a limit to how loud we can perform. If you feel there will be a sound conflict, please take the necessary steps to avoid a sound war. A few solutions: Place us in an area where it doesn’t compete with the excessive ambient noise, stop the excessive ambient noise during the performance if possible, I.E. deflate the bouncy house or turn off the DJ or stereo during the performance. Please contact us with any questions as we can always find a solution.


Schedule Changes

Please make sure you have your phone handy just in case we need to reach you day of. Every performance we do is in a different space, with a different audience and different conditions. Because of this, we understand that we may need to follow a performance structure that differs from our ‘Plan A’ on the day of. As long as timings are maintained, we are happy to coordinate with you ensure the party is in line with your expectations.


Safe and workable environment

It is the responsibility of all clients to provide a safe and workable environment for us. Should a location or position be unacceptable in order to conduct our services to the highest standards, clients will be contacted as soon as possible and expected to comply with OH&S standards. This is inclusive of extreme weather conditions.


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