Perfect for Silly Kids Ages 1 - 8 Years :-)

Stuck at home because of “Shelter in Place”? NEED A VIRTUAL KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY ENTERTAINMENT? NOT SURE WHERE TO START? MAKE IT HAPPEN! We will organize your virtual kids birthday party and do the difficult part. At the party, all children will see each other and therefore enjoy the remote puppet show and will laugh and giggle together! PROMISE!

NO ZOOM EXPERIENCE – NO PROBLEM! We have all the knowledge and do all the setup!
Now also available with ASL INTERPRETATION in Zoom Meeting for a perfect birthday party!

Are your employees working from home? Are their children with them? Give them some relief and offer them Remote Puppet Shows and Workshops to make them and their children happy!

Are you a teacher starting your distant learning curriculum? Looking for another opportunity to bring social-emotional learning to your students? Creative Puppet Show and Puppet Story Workshops are a great way to build creativity and connection.



$10 off Standard & $30 off Premium Package with Promo Codes: SAVE10 & SAVE30

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Our Virtual Birthday Parties Are The Best
Sneak Peek into Space & Alien Storyline
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Our Virtual Birthday Parties Are The Best

Sneak Peek into Space & Alien Storyline

Remote Birthday Puppet Show

Virtual Birthday Standard Package

Virtual Kids Birthday Party Puppet Shows - Standard Package

30 Minutes Party Time: $129

A silly Puppet Show (25 Minutes) for your birthday child with her/him being the STAR of the SHOW!

  • 5 minutes “Silly Warm-Up & Hello Time” for everyone
  • 25 minutes of a Silly and Personalized Puppet Show
  • Funny "Spring & Forest" Birthday Storyline & Background
  • Optional: Now also available with ASL interpretation!
  • READY TO BOOK? Go to BOOKING & CONTACT and fill out the form!

Virtual Birthday Premium Package

Virtual Kids Birthday Party Puppet Shows - Premium Package

60 Minutes Party Time: $199 / Full-Length Personalized Puppet Show (40 min) and many Extras! We promise to keep your children’s attention – the entire show 🙂

  • 5 minutes “Silly Warm-Up & Hello Time” for everyone
  • 40 minutes of a Silly Puppet Show (Full Length - More Fun)
  • 20 minutes time social time with each other
  • CHOOSE a BIRTHDAY STORYLINE from our 3 Premium Choices
  • CHOOSE up to 2 SPECIAL CHARACTERS to appear (see gallery)
  • 15 Minute Phone Consultation prior to the event with us
  • Digital Video Copy of your Birthday Puppet Show Party as a memory
  • Optional: Now also available with ASL interpretation for full inclusion!

Birthday Storylines

Premium Package Characters

Remote Puppet Shows (25 or 50 min)

Virtual Puppet Shows via Zoom into your home

This is a fantastic experience for kids of all ages who are into puppets. Every show is designed with a different story and will play it for them via Zoom. Characters are colorful and silly, with no bad guys or tension in any of our shows. Laughter and giggles are guaranteed, promise!

  • Unlimited participants possible
  • Showtime will be available in 25 or 50 Minutes
  • Gentle warm-up session so everyone (especially toddlers) feels comfortable with puppets
  • Silly and engaging Puppet Story for lots of laughter and giggles
  • Digital copy of session provided for unlimited replays in your home
  • Optional: Now also available with ASL interpretation for full inclusion!

Virtual Story Writing Workshops (60 min)

Story Writing Workshops into your home

This fun, interactive activity is perfect for kids ages 6 and up. In this conference call, we create a story together. To make it an even more engaging experience we will play out their just created story with the puppet they chose. Everyone actively participates and gets to design their own part of the story!

  • 60 minutes of active engagement
  • Perfect for 3 to 5 children at a time
  • Via Zoom we will collaborate and work together
  • Each child gets to choose a puppet character and name it
  • Together we will create an imaginative, fun and silly story
  • Digital copy of the workshop provided to all participants

7 Reasons to Have a Virtual Puppet Show or Workshop with Us



These silly and colorful puppet friends will keep your child and their friends fully engaged. This means the parents get to take a little break, relax or get work done at home, and enjoy watching your kids have fun.



We might make my living being silly, but we are still punctual, reliable, helpful, and easy to work with—and sooooo modest. We make ourselves available to answer questions leading up to the remote event so you can feel 100% confident about our services. In addition, we are also licensed and insured to ensure everyone’s safety.



For our birthday puppet story, we are always happy to alter storylines and character names to make birthday girls and boys (and siblings) feel extra special on their big day.



Our puppet shows aren’t just entertaining, they’re also chock full of experiential learning! While the kids laughing at the ridiculous things Ricky Roo and his pals say and do, they’ll also be learning about the beauty of sharing, being kind and treating everyone with respect.



We are experts at crafting clean, age-appropriate humor for children ages 2-99.



All of us are teachers (preschool or elementary) for many years and have been working with children for over a decade. Big groups and small. Noisy and shy. We love kids. We love puppets. Let’s do this.



Giving Workshops or Playing Puppet Shows remotely means having the right equipment and the right internet speed to provide these services in the right way. We updated everything so that we are ready to provide the best service to you!

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