A silly & amazing experience with a private concert for your family and friends!

Create an unforgettable, playful, and imaginative musical adventure for your family and guests. Our Puppets & Music birthday party entertainment is hip, fully interactive, and intelligent, with a level of humor and candor that spans all ages. The birthday boy or girl and all kids in attendance will take part in a super fun musical performance in which they are inspired to jam along and become part of the band.

Enjoy 50 to 55 minutes of birthday entertainment packed with silly puppets, fun music, activities, and hands-on musical experience for the children. The stage disappears, and everyone is part of the action! By providing the kids with fun percussion instruments to play and using various rhythmic tools, the kids are doing the playing!

Perfect for first to 6th birthdays, with a rocking performance that entertains all ages! And right at the end of the show we sing together the classic “Happy Birthday” song to the birthday girl or boy.

Ready for a great time?